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There are two fundamental reasons for the 5 Pillar Program's high affiliate success rate and widespread acclaim...

Reason #1) The Five Pillars, Set in Stone...
Most affiliate programs merely take advantage of their affiliates. Companies receive free branding and cheap sales. They make minimal payouts due to short-lasting cookies. However...

Great affiliate programs are partnerships. Partnerships should go both ways. We are as responsible for your success, as you are for ours. So our program is based upon 5 Pillars...

Pillar #1) Top Quality Product
No product delivers the track record of success like SBI!... and we prove it. You will be proud to recommend best-of-breed products at excellent prices.

Pillar #2) High Commissions
5 Pillar affiliate payment is as generous as any on the Web.

Pillar #3) Lifetime Commission For Referred Customers
When a customer buys from us due to your referral, that customer "belongs" to you forever. Result? Your business grows month after month. Residual income is what builds true equity in any business, yours included.

Pillar #4) Lifetime Affiliate Team Under You
Want to earn even more? Set up your own affiliate network. Earn a commission from all of their sales. This pillar provides true "way beyond living wage" potential.

Pillar #5) Limited Number Of Affiliates
In huge affiliate programs, each affiliate is potentially your direct competitor. Not here. We want you to make serious money, long-term -- so we limit the number of affiliates.

Bottom line? The 5 Pillar Program...

  • starts with high-value products, then builds in...

  • a strong, fair compensation program and seals it with...

  • long-term protection for you.

The Pillars are set in the solid rock of a fair agreement that protects your business against unfair termination or changes (no other program does this).

Reason #2) We TAKE CARE of our affiliates...
We do not just throw you a coded Web banner and say "good luck". Instead, we show you how to raise your skills (and income) to the thousands-of-dollars-per-month level...

  • The 5 Pillar Marketing Guide pulls the very best and proven strategies/tools together to get you up and running quickly.

  • The Quick Start Guide gets you off to a fast, productive, profitable jump.

  • The 5 Pillar Affiliate Report (free) delivers fresh news and ideas/strategies/tools on an regular basis.

  • The SITESELL PROMOTION CENTER delivers over 70 unique and powerful sales aids, tools, and landing pages, enabling you to target your market with precision and effectiveness. No other affiliate program in the world provides this type of affiliate help. We truly are focused on your success.
You also gain full access to the 5 Pillar Club, a veritable treasure trove. It supplies all you need to thrive...
  • a suite of simple-to-use (no tech skill required!), proprietary, income-generating tools, which build customized autoresponder courses, free e-books (regarded as "better than books sold for $100"), and many other viral sales aids

  • Web-leading traffic-and-sales building strategies

  • a wide variety of banners, logos, buttons, postage stamps, and print ads

  • even a complete offline sales package, including your own order-taking form, for selling SBI! offline! You can sell to friends, local businesses, conventions, etc. -- no need to even have a Web site!

  • complete, real-time income statements (auditable and as detailed as you care to go).

Affiliate gurus and small business experts who make $10-20K+ a month call the guides the "best affiliate guides on the Internet at any price." All three are free when you register.

The experts are correct. "If you only look at one program this year," it should indeed be the one that is widely considered to be "the perfect revenue sharing program."

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